Elinor Aishah Holland

Elinor Aishah Holland is one of only four North Americans to receive the Icazet (license) in the rigorous Ottoman School of Thuluth and Nashk Arabic calligraphic scripts. Holland is the only artist among her contemporaries to work with equal discipline in Arabic and Latin scripts. Her clients include the Smithsonian Institute, US Department of State, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art. She has exhibited at King Fahd Qur’an Conference, Sharjah and Kuwait Biennials, New York Islamic Arts Kadim Sanatin. See her upcoming workshops at Brush & Reed here.

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Barbara Bash


Barbara Bash is a calligrapher, illustrator and author who has woven her love of the alphabet with Buddhist sensibility. Her book True Nature: An Illustrated Journal of Four Seasons in Solitude explored the mixing of meditation with nature journaling. Barbara has performed and taught expressive brush, illustrated journaling and creative process with many populations exploring new forms of visual learning. She has also trained in Nonviolent Communication and Focusing, weaving these communication practices into her teaching.

Learn more at and her visual blog - See her upcoming workshops at Brush & Reed here.


Nini de la Torre

Nini de la Torre is an artist, healer, and international entrepreneur. She was born in Havana, Cuba the same year Castro rose to power. Her early experiences with repression necessitated that she pull light from dark places; song from within color's hidden architectures. Nini works in layers of iridescent oil and acrylic which are then coded with sound healing principles. Nini’s creative commercial work was short listed at the Cannes Film Festival. She was early pioneer in the use of drum circles as tool in women’s empowerment, and also Sound Healing Art—a new media incorporating immersive sound, light, and iridescent technologies for total environment healing/art experience. Nini has exhibited in solo and group shows in Puerto Rico, NYC, Canada, Mexico City and across the US. Her work is in the permanent collection at Nasa. In 2008, the White House nominated her Small Business Person of the Year for her advocacy work with Latina women. Nini is certified through the Global Institute for Sound Healing in San Francisco. She is founder of the sound healing collective, Orquesta Cosmica, in San Jaun and Ruh Jamila Art & Healing Center in Cabo Rojo. See her upcoming offerings at Brush & Reed here. For more on the Cosmic Orchestra:

Jena Argenta

Jena Argenta is an international artist and author from a family of artists, immigrants, and entrepreneurs. She founded Brush & Reed Fine Art Calligraphy Studio to honor those who came before her, and to celebrate the diversity of calligraphic traditions and cultures. Her curatorial work highlights their continued, often overlooked presence within contemporary trends of language-based arts. Works shown at Brush & Reed have aesthetic beauty, political awareness, and also a kind of practiced stillness— an ethic of refined action and offering, giving them their meditative qualities. Jena has sought and studied this integrated aesthetic in calligraphic lines and beyond, in China, Mexico, and around South America and the Caribbean. She has a BA from Sarah Lawrence college in Postcolonial Studies and Fine Art. Her artwork has received private and commercial commissions in NYC, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and across the US. Her Kimono design graced the red carpet at the Fez Music Festival, Morocco. She has two books forthcoming this year exploring aspects of Latin and Chinese calligraphic traditions and aesthetics.