Writing love letters is dangerous: If they are sincere, you have to live up to them—Frederick Frank


Located on Kingston’s waterfront in New York, Brush & Reed Fine Art Calligraphy Studio is the only art space of its kind. Traditional workshops and exploratory courses host calligraphic traditions and contemporary manifestations from around the world. Private curations showcase the presence of calligraphy as a growing trend in contemporary art and design. At Brush & Reed, calligraphy is not mono-lingual; it is the providence of love letters. Language-based visual arts are grounded in disciplined, meditative practices. They present unique bridges for peace, healing, and a refined sense of beauty and inclusion. 

Course Offerings & Curation

The word curate comes from the Latin cura, meaning “to care”, to offer attention and sustenance. Select curations and programming at Brush & Reed are born from this root, where artistic practice and course offerings are grounded in aesthetic, but practiced ethic also. Brush & Reed offers traditional calligraphy workshops and lectures within a variety of global traditions—ranging from Latin to Arabic—giving attention also to cross-cultural, hybrid aesthetics and histories. While honoring rooted traditions, Brush & Reed programming is also grounded in imaginative practice, play, and extended vision on the nature and importance of communication itself. Check our Calendar to learn more about upcoming offerings.